Oh L’Occitane how I love your Regard Divin eye cream. How I love its fragrance of immortelle everlasting flowers and its light, barely-there touch. How I love the way that the merest tiny drop will keep my eye area nourished yet non-greasy for hours. I love how it doesn’t clog my concealer by day and doesn’t make me cry. How I love the dinky little yellow glass bottle that reminds me of the baking hot Provençal sunshine.

IMG 0839

I have used Regard Divin for a few months now and have noticed an improvement to puffiness and darkness around my eyes. I now only use concealer when I need a very polished look. Regard Divin is the best eye cream I have tried so far. Hooray! I can’t vouch for any anti-ageing claims, because I think it would take years to see any results even if I believed all that pseudo-science. Which I don’t. But this cream is light and refreshing and makes my eyes feel good.

But please, L’Occitane, please, please please do something about your pump dispensers, that seize up two thirds of the way through the product. They are enough to put anyone off your excellent products, almost. And the price. That’s quite steep too. I don’t really love that.

L’Occitane Regard Divin eye cream £46 for 15ml.



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