It’s ironic, isn’t it, that people including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have donated so much money to helping children in countries too poor to extend childhood vaccination programmes to all their children whilst here in the UK there are air-headed people who put their own and other children at risk by denying them access to a vaccination program that is made available FREE TO ALL in the UK by our NHS. It really makes my blood boil, actually.

These people say that they prefer their children to build up their immunity and disease-resistance naturally. But surely vaccinating your child is designed to give immunity straightaway, thus taking the guesswork out of it. Your child doesn’t have to go through the disease. What’s not to like? Idiotic people like this often tell us that Measles is not serious. But Measles isn’t silly or trivial. It is nasty and can cause deaths. Here is a table showing the number or deaths from measles and if you look at the link here you can see that measles in pregnancy can cause miscarriage, premature labour or a baby with low birthweight. Why on earth would you want you child to suffer this nasty disease and possibly its serious complications if you could avoid it with just a jab and a booster a couple of years later?

This is the only country in the world where there has been a link, subsequently proven to be spurious, between the MMR and Autism. Does that not strike people as odd? When my Boywonder was due to have his first MMR jab at the beginning of the Autism/MMR scares, I was, naturally, anxious. But I always looked on it in this way: if my child had a mild case of Rubella, perhaps a slight temperature and a little rash, and came into contact with a woman in the early stages of pregnancy who had not yet announced it to the world, and her unborn child was deformed or even miscarried through normal, everyday contact with my highly contagious child, then that would be MY fault and MY responsibility. And I couldn’t bear that thought. For, to a certain extent, when we become parents we become parents of all children.  For more information on Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome click here. Not vaccinating your children is so irresponsible towards society as a whole and it relies on everyone else to make sure their children are vaccinated. How selfish is that?

Darling Daughter, who is about to enter Year 8 at school, will shortly be offered a vaccination against the HPV to protect her against cervical cancer. I know of people who have objected to their daughters receiving this vaccination presumably because they don’t like the thought of their precious little girl having sex. How stupid and irresponsible! What an abdication of parental responsibility to deny your daughter protection against a disease that still kills 1,000 women in the UK every year. Ugh.

Now, in France children can be vaccinated against Chicken Pox. It’s not a a serious disease of children but people vaccinate simply because they just don’t want their children to have to go through all that unpleasantness. And who can blame them? My Boywonder had Chicken Pox, at exactly the wrong time of course, when he was nine years old. He had it really badly and still has visible scarring from it seven years later.

If people want to believe in homeopathic or other hokum for their own treatment, well, that’s their right I suppose, as long as it doesn’t harm other people. But not vaccinating their children because of their own half-witted neuroses risks both their own children and everybody else’s and calls into question their judgement on other important matters too.