We have a wooden advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree which the Advent fairy fills with chocolates to be eaten on the countdown to Christmas. The Advent calendar is placed on a low glass coffee table, the first Christmas decoration of the season.

Recently, though, the chocolates from the lower doors have been disappearing. Someone has been stealing the Advent calendar chocolates!

Exhibit A: 

Exhibit B:

You will see that only the chocolates from the lower and left hand side of each group of doors has been stolen. The thief carefully pushes the doors shut to cover up their crime each time.

Exhibit C:

This is not a good picture but you might just be able to make out the smears in a circular pattern on the table. The circle corresponds with where the Advent calendar sat.

The three suspects:

  • Offspring 1: the Boywonder, 15 years old, with a penchant for chocolate and tall stories.
  • Offspring 2: Darling Daughter, 12 years old. Writer of imaginative stories. Also likes chocolate.
  • Dog: Flatcoated retriever. 3.5 years old. Pretends to be stupid when it suits him.

Who is the thief?

Important note: dogs should NEVER be given chocolate as the theobromine in it could kill them.