Srsly @Waitrose, I do hope your new Beckenham strategy of providing us with a new mini-John Lewis and sacrificing floor space in the process pays off for you and that people don’t leave your store in disgust at the:Meat counter so huge that staff don’t notice people waiting;Taller, grey shelving that gives an oppressive feelSlightly narrower aisles that cause trolley pile ups and blockages. Goodness knows how bad it will be at the weekend when the store is full of pensioners. And men.Pinch points caused by ceiling support pillars and badly thought-out aisle positioning. I was in there a little while ago and witnessed several collisions and problems manoeuvring to restock. It’s going to end in tears.We already have a cookshop and a toy shop in Beckenham and we’re within easy reach of both Sloane Square and Bluewater. Whose idea was this?Love @msalliance: a longtime and erstwhile loyal customer for 16 years.