So, two weeks on from my soak-off, how are the nails? Well, seven out of ten have broken at least once, but that’s what my nails do and this would probably have happened anyway. I’m more concerned about the state of the three of these seven that have had repeated, catastrophic breakages down to the nail bed. These are sore for a couple of days and look unsightly.

Now, Zoran didn’t buff my nails at all either on applying or on removing the gel and they didn’t peel at all in between so I can only conclude that the flaking and peeling is due to lack of oxygen supply under the gel, or the nails being somehow dried out by the gel. I’m not saying this will happen to everyone and I know that some are delighted by their gel nails but it seems that mine are doomed to break and peel no matter what I try to do. I wish I had lovely, naturally long and hard nails like my dear friend Jeannie…
So, anyway, I’ll keep the situation under review and hope that the damage doesn’t last too long. I’ll keep you posted.
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