Wednesday 20th July 2011

Day 5 of the Slendertone Bottom 30 day challenge. I’m gradually increasing the intensity. Tonight, I started at 50 on both sides but shall increase that to 60. So odd. It’s like a really intensive thigh muscle clenching workout but I’m lying down on my tummy writing my blog. And it’s really not an unpleasant feeling, rather like a fairly rigorous massage, I suppose. I’m loving that buzz, and I’m aware how weird that makes me sound.

I’m having to wear a thong again. Not good in this unseasonable cold and damp July weather. My bottom was frozen the other day. This is yet another reason why thongs are just unacceptable in my book.

Have I noticed a difference in the size of my posterior yet? Well, it might have been just my imagination but it was already so much easier to pull on my skinny jeans yesterday.