I was standing at the school gate dismissing the children when a humorous sight caught my eye. I ignored it for a while, until all the children in my class were gone. Two mothers of extraordinarily bright children were talking to each other. About what I could not tell, but I knew there was some sort of conflict between them.

Their arms were crossed, they had their noses in the air and their eyebrows were raised. They smiled at each other, though not with their eyes. They spoke in turn. Every time one spoke, the other faltered slightly. Their children came to them, they said goodbye and left. However, I saw sideways glances being cast. They came back because their children had forgotten their instruments.

They re-started their conversation but getting louder and louder each time. I noticed pursing of lips, clenching of fists, grinding of jaws, furrowing of brows. This time neither of the mothers tried to hide their feelings anymore. Nostrils flared, spit flew, voices were raised, fists were shaken and it all stopped with one mother declared that her child was the ruler of the Universe.