A cornucopia


Random music playlists AllMusic Funiculi Funicula Music Gym playlist Music Playlist – My repertoire... read more

An Announcement

 Email subscriber update: To try and get rid of all that annoying shortcoding at the top of emailed posts, I’ve moved my email distribution service to Mailchimp. This might mean that longtime subscribers no longer receive emailed updates. If this is the... read more

My reviews

Another day, another ballet L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil Cleaning your makeup brushes Hourglass Veil Fluid Makeup Nars Soft Touch Shadow... read more

About me

Hello. My name is Gita and this blog is a snapshot of my life and the things that interest me. You will find posts about food, my dogs; photos of ┬áplaces I visit; beauty reviews; opinions. I’m a devoted Twitter user but I’ve found that medium doesn’t... read more

India. Big Boy

In Newcastle, New South Wales, they’ve caught what they believe is the biggest ever funnel web spider.

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Fast flowing

The Ravensbourne River in full spate today. My dogs thought it scary but the two beloved flatcoated retrievers we met shortly after we took this would have thought nothing of jumping in, I think.

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Nothing lasts forever

We bought six Ligne Roset Finn chairs, to go with our dining table when we lived in Paris. We bought some interchangeable back covers as occasional replacements for the grey faux suede at the same time, even though they were quite expensive, because you never know.... read more


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