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Photo on 14-11-2013 at 13.01 #2

I’d just returned from having my hair done.

Welcome to the MsCellany blog!

There’s no rhyme or reason to it and it reflects what might euphemistically be termed my butterfly mind. I write about anything that happens to be capturing my imagination at any given moment. You’ll find posts here about what it’s like to live as a woman, mother, wife, (somewhat reluctant) carer, feminist and would-be racy glamour puss in suburban London. There are rants about people and situations that irritate me. There are deeply personal ruminations. There are open letters and occasional reviews, photo galleries and audio. It’s like one of those cross-sectional slices taken by brain researchers. Some posts might even make you chuckle.

This is the truth about me but it might not be the whole truth, which is not something to be taken lightly on the Internet. Sometimes the whole truth must wait. But I do hope you find this slice of my life interesting and enjoyable.


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