Where old roads go to die

We needed somewhere to walk our dogs on our excursion to Ipswich today. They'd had a run around in a little field before lunch but it wasn't much fun for them to be cooped up in the car (in their crate with the hatchback open) while we ate. People told us that the Old London Road would be a good place to go. Apparently, this was the beginning of the Ipswich-London route before the modern A12 was built and it lies empty and deserted, and closed off at one end, where it goes under the big ToysRUs roundabout familiar to Ipswich habitués. This is where old roads go when no-one want them anymore, before they're shipped off, brick by brick, to the Arizona desert to die happily in the sunshine.
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How my dogs smell

I've always been fascinated by the superpower of the dog: their nose. You might remember that our beloved Oscar was struck down a few years ago by a mystery Thing that has eaten away the inside of at least one half of his nose, both bone and soft tissue. He still smells, though.   I found this TED Talks video on Twitter and I'd like to share it here.
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You might have heard of Paul Harfleet’s Pansy Project? It sets out to commemorate homophobic incidents and attacks, first in London and the UK, and increasingly around the world. Pansy, is of course, a clever play on words: in English a term of homophobic abuse...

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The Irksomes #5: Jeans

Jeans are a pain, aren’t they? Don’t get me wrong, I have as many pairs as anyone else but for me they aren’t the solid, catch-all comfy-yet-sexy utility wear that perhaps they were intended to be. They never fit properly. Or if you ever do manage to...

Stylish, yes…

… but a bit silly, no? How would you see it in the dark? How would anyone else see it? I suppose it’s for the sort of person to whom time doesn’t matter. Titanium watch by...



I live in Beckenham, suburban London and, having worked in travel, industrial materials, recruitment advertising, and diversity consultancy, I have devoted the last decade or so to raising my children, of whom I am incredibly proud. Latterly, I have spent time developing my singing; caring for my two dogs and expressing myself through my blog and, especially, on Twitter.


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